As Life Begins Anew

Not a trace of wind upon my face
I wait for a sail to speed my pace
The sun above shines down on me
From a cloudless sky I touch the sea

As I stare into this wide abyss
In a placid yet uneasy calm I wish
A wrenching at my heart I dream
How calm this restless ocean seems

Alas below in the waters hover
Graceful shapes, my eyes uncover
Life unknown within these depths
Thoughts? Dreams? I guess and nod yes

Through this mystic glass I see
A billowing of cloudy white
The sight of wondrous clouds I love
Yet, no clouds are in the sky above

These puffs of white escape the grasp
Of mother's breast in baby's clasp
Free as a vaporous mist I view
Dispersing in the sea so new

Ah the mother whale she swims
And feeds her calf life and limb
A clumsily tender touch that grew
As life, sweet life begins anew

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