As She Bleeds

As her perfect body bleeds,
They gather around to feed, The remaining blood in her veins,
Keeps her constantly twisted in pain.
They expect to her to be there tomorrow,
Ignoring her constant sorrow, Never seeing her cuts and wounds,
Thinking of only their own doom. They don't count on her to break,
They continue to take and take. The surprised look on their faces,
When the deck runs out of cards, no more aces.
Optimism Faith Kindness Dissipated.
All good in her lost and jaded, And when that girl snaps,
She'll have the final laugh. And as I watch her bleed,
And when there's nothing left to take,
Is when this perfect girl breaks.
Then you'll have to lay, In the bed you made.
Won't you wish she stayed? Should have held her gently,
Not stomping her mentally,
Because the worst punishment she can give,
Is losing her own will to live. As I watch her blood run free,
Vulchers come back to feed. Their need for greed,
Blinds them not to see, Masks her need to be free,
What happens when there's nothing left to bleed?
There she won't be.

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