As she sleeps

By Lissa   

Head on the pillow
Hand in her face
Just a few more hours
Getting to move a slow pace.
When in slumber we get a
Mind worry free
Though the moment awaken
In her head she shall be.
Her thoughts overwhelm 35 years of Hell
Many times shes pondered
To give her ship a PUSH to sail.
Her thoughts make sense to no-one
So she keeps them deep inside.. Perhaps crazy,
Sometimes wanting to hide
When speaking thoughts aloud shes either told, "you're crazy", or the infamous "I don't understand".
They are pen and paper
They understand every night
Somehow they just get her, they make it Alrite.
After that she feels relieved- FINALLY a mind at peace
Now for her favorite
Her dreams......

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This Poems Story

Any writer goes through the akward fase, where people assume we are nuts!! I'm nice, and sociable but people just don't understand. I've been writing for 30 years now. People like to compare bipolar disorder to a writer's mind. THATS NOT IT! If no-one really "gets" your thought process... As a writer, I know I write Life down. To feel better, and make my chaotic thoughts- beautiful words on paper. Maybe writer's are "different". But if non-writers could only understand. Some writers can't socialize about themselves, yet they are the most caring people in the world. EMPATHS at heart . So we think about things in our minds every day, we dont tell others- WE MAKE OURSELVES okay by writing it down and literally telling ourself again.