As Souls Live On

Those who died were those who lived
Who lost their lives with lots to give
And those who live refuse to die
While those alive accept a lie
With death be close and death be near
Your end at most which ends in tears
When those who loved and those who lost
With bodies cleansed and souls that crossed
Can't cheat death can't be escaped
With peace at rest and life will wait
Inside the grave inside the tomb
The souls who crave cause lots of doom
And those who died remain a life
That's left behind and left to die
A further death that's worse than all
A death at best who took the fall
One last breath and one last fall
The cause of death, result of all
For it seeks all when all is numb
When Satan calls, your time has come
Suffer more or suffer less
After death, eternal rest
Buried deep into the ground
Silent screams and faded sounds

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This Poems Story

My name is Joshua Michael Barnett. I have always loved art and decided that I wanted to do art in my future. My talents are that I can draw, paint, sculpt, rap, dance, I do a little literature. I've been put down a lot but didn't let that get to me; I keep trying. I'd like to thank my family for believing me and some of my friends who actually think I have a future. I've been abused by my ex-stepdads, physically and mentally, and got my brother, Billy Massey taken by CPS.