As the Brink Draws Ever Nearer

This is no idle turn.
I have not arrived here by accident,
This was a choice I made.
A choice so clear to me,
A choice so desired by me.
Something I have accepted.
It has become a part of me.

The choices we make define us,
The truth is we try our hardest.
However, there is no hope in our corruptness,
We wallow in our habitual desires of abysmal ecstasy.
We have been set upon the entrance to a pit,
And beating down on us is not Satan,
Nor any creature of that realm,
It is us.

With such malice we beat upon ourselves,
As the brink draws ever nearer,
Closer, closer to the black of our inheritance we come.
Shout! Shout with all your might,
Pray that you hear yourself.
Pray you stop the malevolent beating,
The crushing waves of angst and fear we press upon ourselves.

With every lash comes only more torment,
We are taken sway by the machinations of our own design.
We forbade hope and so hope has forsaken us.
Come, come and see what we have done,
Look at the fire and the blood.
Witness the naked forms and the broken bodies.
Now understand the mirror you are looking into.

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