As the last leaves fall

As the last leaves fall
with help from freezing rain,
I wonder whether there is a more fitting word
to describe a leaf’s heavenly descent to earth.

Leaves don’t fall like a book
knocked off of a shelf as they do flutter
like a bird’s wings through cloudless sky.

Leaves are more akin to floating
peacefully toward their kin waiting on cracked
pavement than falling like apples from trees

I’ve seen countless a leaf riding the wind, not falling
but soaring high into the sky
greeting clouds and condors

The few leaves I would describe as falling
were wrapped in a winters coat of ice
forcing premature leaves to ungracefully plummet
like meteors towards earth.

How then can we describe them as falling?
Such a word brings dishonor upon our friend the leaf
Whose short life deserves distanced respect as it’s colors change
Like human life.

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