As We Age

it was a time of imagination,
and eight o'clock bedtimes,
and catching fireflies, and mason jars,
and childhood love.

when monsters under the bed
were the worst things you could imagine,
and not brushing your teeth
was the only thing you could do to make your parents mad.

but innocence is a trick, a lie, that they tell you, child
to make you believe that the world is perfect.
and as you grow, there's a loss of innocence,
and for the first time you see that nothing is as perfect as it seems.

like when you realize that the answer to,
"daddy, Why are you sleeping on the couch?"
isn't really, "so you can sleep with mommy tonight,"
and once you realize this, the whole world tastes different on your tongue.

and then, life finally hits you
once you realize that sleepless nights can go far beyond eight o'clock,
and your mom never told you, but
those fireflies died because of your mason jars.

but you can appreciate the world's beauty even more now —
the sun peaking above the horizon in the early morning
and the waves, that continue to kiss the shore
no matter how many times they're sent away.

from love at first sight and fairy tales,
to fighting for who you love,
and working for what you need,
this is how we grow and mature.

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