As you grow

As you grow little one you will see much in every way and diversity.
As you grow you will hear many mean and hateful things like generism, racism, even big politics.
As you grow I know you'll feel instilled fear, laughter, unconditional love and happiness.
As you experiance this life before the next I pray I'll teach you honesty, compassion and to be your very best.
As you grow I pray the prapaganda and endoctrination doesn't hold you at bay, but gives you knowledge to build make n shape your reality.
As you grow ups n downs heartaches and glows it will be sometimes hard for sure. You'll want to give up, give in and know nomore.
As you grow into the person you set out to be, please know only good can prevail as I'm trying to teach you genuinely. As you have grown n grow every day still know I love you and noone can judge you but the Lord the holy.

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Key Words : Grow, pray, love, best self

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This Poems Story

For my six ladies, daughters whom I pray keeps faith at heart, honest, and keep striving to be your best for noone is perfect. As in this experiance in our human existence we never were supposed to be but to learn from our mistakes.