As You

As you prepare your final goodbye,
Remember all the life we shared.
As you say your last farewell,
Remember all the love we shared.
As you pour my ashes into colored balloons,
Remember all my love for you.
As you fill each one with air to float,
Remember all my love for you.
As you tie each ribbon in its place,
Remember all my love for you.
As you release each to the sky,
Remember son, we all will die.
As you watch them rise and disappear,
Remember all your love for me.
As you move on and live your life,
Remember all my love for you.
As you relive our memories,
Remember son, my soul lives on.
Whenever you achieve new goals,
Remember me, and keep me whole.
Whenever you have a brand new start,
Remember me, and keep me in your heart.
Whenever you need me, release a balloon,
Remember me, I'll be there soon.
Whenever you feel the answer you need,
Remember that it came from me.
Remember that although I am gone,
I will never truly let you go.
Remember me and all our love,
Remember me, I'm up above.

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This Poems Story

While planning my own prearranged funeral I decided to put into words things I wanted to say to my son about the process. I hoped that he would be able to let go easier if he knew I was not scared to die. Although I am not ill, I didn't want him to have to make tough decisions during his grief. At the age of sixty-one, and already a widow, I know how difficult that process is. I hope my words move the reader to feelings of warmth and sadness.