Ascension for the Lost Soul

I see now days of peace, as if the war is over
From the pale intoxication of death everyone is now sober
When I give you life to continue with, your will is aborted
Our lives are now free from temptation, but contorted

If I gave you the chance of a lifetime, would you forfeit

Crying in pain, but I am only a minute away
You turn to the dark ended bridge and cross
But you left your miseries on the ocean beneath to stay
Where your soul is found is where your body is lost

I look deep into your eyes and find the fairies
that guide your soul as you enter heaven
With the pictures in your mind when you were a child
and chose the number seven
Then where do I stand for you to follow
when the king himself will lead you
After my footsteps are lost behind,
you will always remember I love you too

Why did you go away when the night was so dark?
Couldn't you have been my desire for love, and freedom's spark?
When will I see you again or ever listen to your voice?
The ticket that takes me there will always be my choice

But I know it's not right, and it can't be true
What the foul odored mind has done to you
Together we rise from the same root of flesh and mud
To forever follow the footsteps of the ones above

They all came out to meet you and say Hi
Beneath the sky I lay, on the soul in a mist of lies
Together our bounty is found where the martyrs die
In the shallow halls of servitude, the blind poets cry

As the sky wakes up to meet you
And the Sun sets to say goodbye
My valor will never leave you
Nor will it ever let you cry

Thunder rains, and rose petals bleed
As the Avenger comes down to take his last turn
On the paralyzing demon, and liberate the hearts from which it feeds
When our bodies lie together and forever burn

Can we ever reach the end of the tunnel to see the light?
Us hand-in-hand with faith to God we might
Will you ever look away when you know it's not true
And pull yourself closer to this ethereal love I have for you?

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