Ascent to Truth

Deep inside the cave at rest, awoken by the flame
A man, a slave unknown to self, knows nothing but his name.
Upon the wall the shadows pass, they’re all he knows as truth;
But reality lies up above the dark, wet cavern roof.

Released from chains, the man is guided up and through the cave
The truth revealed upon the surface, truth he hopes to save.
But as his eyes adjust above, below his friends live blind.
So he, once blind, goes down to save, goes down to free their minds.

As he approaches friends enslaved, he tells of what he’s seen.
But as their truth is brought to question, they ask “what do you mean?”
They grow in anger and seek to kill this man they once called friend.
But as it goes, they live in darkness, they won’t give way or bend.

So let me ask the question now, of enlightened man and foes:
One man has climbed the cave’s ascent, he’s seen the truth and knows;
The others are content in ignorance, blind to what is true.
Now which is better off, I ask? That choice is up to you.

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