Ash to Snowfall

The white land of a dark ashfall of a dangerous path
The danger is ash to snowfall, from land to water
Where is beauty?
The fall of the land and the beauty of Roses
White Roses bloom the flower of corrupt
What are they doing?
The land is in broken pieces that break down into ash
The snowfall fall down onto the ground
Snowfall to ash
Where are they landing?
The light that burns the ash into dust and disappears
Snowfall that melts on the dust to make dark water
The fall of ash to snowfall
When will it stop?
The lack of count of snowfall is done to the lack of ash
The ash had disappeared underneath the earth
It had vanished into thin air
Why should we die for them?
We make them feel pain
Dark to Light
We are lost as a society
How will we fix it?
Light to Dark
There is the darkness that clouds your judgment
Where there are in the world?
Those who go to ash to snowfall
Are judge by those ashes
Those who are judge by light is snowfall

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