Surrounded by optimism and timidity
Engulfed by flames of suffering
And kind empty words
Of the lame and studdering

All I've cherished has been stole
Destroyed before my eyes
The loved ones I have known
One went slowly, another fast
Now all I can think to myself
Is why am I last?

Seeing hospital bed and coffin
I everlong to behold
Them calling me just to stop in
Though pain and horror may subside
I know I wont ever see them again
Not in this life

Putting them into the garden
I can feel myself change
Unable to describe
My spirit becoming tame
No more glimmer no more shine
Knowing I must wait to see them
Until the end of time
The memories we shared I'm to behold
Now that they are gone
I feel all alone

Looking around I dare to think
Where are fuel and matches?
I want people to know what it's like
To be left with ashes

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Key Words : death, funeral, dying, life, morbid

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i had a flashback to my sibblings funerals