From ashes was man created, from his rib was woman.
Many agree we walk this earth from the birth of sin,
I choose to believe that if created in His image
there is no such thing,
created bearing a gift, love , an emotion so powerful,
life is lost over it, life is created because of it.
We as men born apart from her,
through age one must prove his worth
by his intentions, through purity, devotion, humility and faith.
One must endure obstacles set forth,
paths of failure to not stray upon, the capital vices.
I walk blind with only my heart guiding me,
leading me from one wretched love to another,
all illusions, disguises,
products from the failure of men to stay true.
I have traveled, seen and done many things,
fallen and failed, conquered and won,
but no triumph or tribulation,
no script to ever be laid
will depict the glory of what it is to have found ones true love.
You understand the images
of saints and angels, halos shining as that of the sun,
doves white as clouds flying freely in clear skies,
this is how one would describe her, the missing piece, my rib,
I am eternally grateful that you've made me complete.

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