Ashes of Our Love

His words were like leaves of a rotting elm tree
Every word left a dead leaf that fell into the abyss of what he considered to be love
He took root into my mind allowing the moisture of my tears to fertilize his youth
I considered beauty in the sway of the wind that allowed him to move and fall vulnerable before me
The way he made me his sun, for I was the light that made him live
The mixture of emotion that created the soil in which our relationship grew

His kind heartedness that allowed the presence of black birds to sit and sing his song
Just like the swiftness of those simple beings I couldn’t stay for long
For the shade of his branches over shadowed me
I wondered why the pain of my disappearance caused the ash of what he used to be
In whom I would become

The burn of his curiosity caused the forest fire which destroyed us
My air in which we breathed never faded from his everlasting memory that fed that fire

Now with our untouched souls simply vacant from circumstance, lay once more together heart to heart ash to ash

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