Ask a Poet

Ask a poet, will I ever love again?
The poet says relax, yes, my friend.
I’ll offer you some much-needed advice.
Each love will make you more and more wise.
L is for the learning process.
O is for opening yourself up to vulnerabilities.
V is for veering yourself through the positives and negatives.
E is for enduring the ugliness to catch something beautiful.
And there you have it, L-O-V-E, is that all you want?
No, I want to know what makes you forget that it could just all go to shit?
I’m impressed, my friend, yes, everything that comes together must fall apart.
But being afraid of this is the best part!
It’s the moment you let go of the future and past.
If oblivion is inevitable, you better make right now last.
That’s the meaning of love.
We weren’t meant to always be alone.
We were meant to build ourselves for our partner.

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