aspire to advocate

an accomplished journalist
is what i hope to become
not the broadcasting type
but one filled with passionate fury
as they type away at their keyboard
pulling words out of thin air
words that will shape the world

i want to fix injustice
correct misconceptions
make bold and fiery statements
that will swipe ignorant words
from the tongues of the prejudiced

feel my declarations with empathy
seize the attention of superiors
and dare them to question
old and archaic methods in favor
of a new era of change

forever siding with the minorities
who struggle to open their mouth
in a world too quick to cram
their hate down throats

i'll use my trilingual proficiency
to further fuel and spread
a message of acceptance
to sweep the rug
out from under the feet
of those who no longer deserve
to yell slander into a mic

let my voice emanate
off the words in an article
or shine in the form of an op-ed
doing the jobs of social advocates
and empowered catalysts everywhere

hostility only reserved for bigots
facing the masses with calculated love
open communication and
hearts filled with understanding
i'll fight for your cause without hesitation
just give me a computer and time

and when they ask who i am
with condescending eyes
i'll simply reply with
i am the voice of the people

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