Scientific greatness compacting the universe
Human pawns on a never-ending chessboard
The king is available to those with desire
Checkmate is our key to endless nights
The conflict stained with pointless immortality
Such a pure ability compressed into absolute regret
Retreating back into its whining hole
Afraid of the honest results
The truth doesn't scare the visionaries
The heart infused with visions of beauty
Expressing immeasurable knowledge to the seekers
Seeking prosperity in a mysterious reality
The eyelids are nailed shut
Blindness blocks true emotion
Ignorance of prosperity leads to meaningful disaster
The pencil screams to portray expression
Awareness beheld in the hands of compassion
Long roads with devastating trials
Each testing the strength of our existence
The universe contains unexpected answers
Answers too immense for human comprehension
Honesty and diligence will be our guide
On this eternal journey known as life

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