Astral Projection

Astral Projection

Let me soar among the stars,
Through the galaxy, Milky Way,
Look down below me,
Seeing the planets' beautiful array.

I will dance on Saturn's rings,
Feeling the music from within,
Just swaying to the rhythm,
Hearing the symphony begin.

My body is so light,
I feel like I am home,
Travelling through the galaxy,
Exploring the unknown.

Our moon, with her heavenly beauty,
Dances around so slow,
She gazes down upon our Earth,
With her silvery glow.

I look down upon Earth,
I see destruction, no love,
There's people hurting each other,
As I soar here above.

I awake with a gasp,
Was it all a dream?
Can people be so uncaring?
Yes unfortunately, so it seems.

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