I look at you,
You turn away,
You left me astray,
You never spoke a word,
Which left me to be unheard,
everything is so different with you gone,
Its like listening to a sad, sad song,
Your heart became cold as ice,
that's when this world started to be not so nice,
You haven't spoken a word to me,
you change your ways to fit her cup of tea,
Things aren't the same and it drives me insane,
Why are you acting this way,
You chose this way of life,
and yet you don't care how much I thrive to be by your side,
Why oh why do you put a thorn in my side?
Why can't you see it through my eyes?
You turn away and leave me to wonder
Please try your best to understand
Don't follow her plan
Just understand that trying to be a
good friend isn't always easy in the end.
Please don't turn away.
Don't leave me astray

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