At a Point in Life

At a point in life i felt like dying
I felt so alone I was always crying
I wanted, no, I needed comfort
I was too afraid to go to an expert
At day I seem delighted
At night I shed tears that were never sighted
Alone couldn't describe the pain
I just wanted my happiness to reign
The girl I thought I loved left me for dead
The person I confided in left me on read
People I called family walked out of my life
My own blood stabbed me in the back with a knife
But yet i survive off love
While my spirit floats above
My body stays below
Eager to make a sound
I love all my enemies
I compel their hate with the holy trinity
I forgive their wrong doings
I trap their sins in my ruins
I forgive the hate cast towards me
So all of your demons can flee
I do this because I believe
I believe one day the love I give will be returned to me

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