At a Snail’s Pace

Exhale failure, pale-faced in last place
Erase and reemerge because the race has no finish line,
unlike the flag of Finland
Grimace and grit teeth while smiling for the hidden camaras
Whereas bashful nomads crash house parties,
thrown by homeless,
like trash without an address in any city.
It's so easy to die, and extremely difficult to live
Sisyphus knows, existence is a struggle against all odds,
eventhough Mom could swallow her kids,
young ones are born pregnant with potential
like lopsided joints rolled with humps,
but when they burn up,
the only hoops to jump through are kaleidoscopes,
and all clouds collide yet emit silent thunder
and invisible lightning that can't be seen,
but only felt electrically.
If wealth is an excess of surplus
and health is living in absence of disease,
then that means, to be poor and sick,
amounts to negative banks statements,
famine, and an increasing list of symptoms
adding up illnesses until it becomes a previously unknown syndrome
Don't let that be the way you donate to the scientific community
Inhale the smell of beached whales, death is destiny
So from here on out, we set sail.

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