At Dusk


At dusk the shadows are born as light lessens from the day
The farmer makes his last round on his tractor to reap crops that will pay

The day transcends from the bright sunshine into the deeps of dark
A dog chases after the tractor and lets out gleeful bark

The sun's dominance is lessening in increments as time passes by
Its time for sunshine to go away; we do not know the reason why

The white buildings on the mountain show human influence from the skies
Should the day's events be remembered, or should we let them die?

A bird flies home after its day to the nest for a night's sleep
A man reflects about the days events in a process that is deep

The man accounts for the day's time, thinking there so much more to be done
He thinks about the goals he must realize for his happiness to be won

He relaxes and watches the day turn into night
There are changes in the skies that no winning man would fight

Tomorrow another day will start from darkness that is nature's way
The man ponders tomorrow's events in a effort to make them pay

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