At Last, Im Here, To Stay

As time passes nevertheless, life has paused, a wind howls as star glow
That is gone and hid afar, far away, stars glow as the trees sway
Life is without meaning, so so plain, trees sway as water rains
A great love; now vain, in pain they see, water rains as time flows
So sad it is, this is, and he is; pointless, time flows as life dies
The time was sweet, a bittersweet, life dies as new life begins

I’m still here, like always, until life can pass
Mind has died, slowly now, until life will unpause
Happy I was, happy never, until thou art here
Even I now, am broken, until lord fixes me
Rather I die, not her, until is thy time
Everything is still, moments till, until she wanders away

To be I’ll be, in love I see, can’t you see me, our love
Oh see I’ll tell, in love never fell, can’t you leave be, our love
Say once more, in love never fell, I can’t bear the word, our love
Togo I shall, in love you see, I can’t stay must flee, our love
Awhile it’ll be, love can’t heal easy, I can’t keep writing , our love
You Know me, love can wait forever, or so they say, our love

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