At Night


Darkness consumes the soul, when the feelings of loss set in.
Remembering bad times with one purpose to replay the memories with the hopes it will become easier to forget.
The hate that spills over reminiscent of boiling water violently overflowing the pot.
The disappointment toward a world that deals the losing hand.
The night drags on , the darkness unrelenting to a tortured sole. lonely and
Sleepless in the misery of this fight.
Feeling the pain that lay so deep, engraved memories that once were the happy days , all taken for granted. Never knowing what lay ahead. The smile so wide and bright, it outshone the brightest stars that punctured through the darkness of heaven gazed upon night by night . A hate so strong it can only be described as love. The lies spoken, only revealed the truth never told. The death of one, responsible for extinguishing the spark of two soles, leaving me in this world alone.
Memories steal my time within this prison of my heart, holding me captive. The beat of my heart responsible for the shackles that are holding tight, entangling and holding strong in the darkness of life, the world claimed its victim and left horror in the wake. The fear of all the pain, always present, creeping closer throughout the night. The blinding light of love has fled into night.

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