At the Airport

Passports ready, cases packed, taxi at the door
Off to sunny Spain to walk along the sea shore
At the airport and into the departure hall
Look up at the check in screen on the wall
Over to the desk and hand over passport and ticket
Look over at the sportsmen checking who play cricket
Cases on conveyor and boarding pass in hand
Off through security checked bags are scanned
Alarm goes off, lights flash and start to panic
Stand still, arms outstretched, checked by a young Hispanic
Panic over and off to the departure lounge for a drink
A gin and tonic with a slice of lemon and ice that goes clink
Wander around the shops and buy a paper and a book
Have a walk over to the window and have a look
Planes parked up on the stand awaiting their turn to fly
Soon be racing down the runway, into the clear blue sky
Sitting on chair watching people milling around
All will soon be on a jet plane sky bound
A couple run through, panic on their face
Sweat on their brow, realise they are in the wrong place
Sat there nice and relaxed, patiently waiting your turn
Watching all the people without much concern
A glance up at the TV screen to check time of the flight
Forty more minutes to go, time to get a bite
Off to Burger King for a cheeseburger and fries
Soon be sat on the plane sailing through the skies
Voice cackles of the tannoy announcing a delay
Big sigh and check watch, back to the café
Another two hours to sit around the airport
Never mind soon be at the pool in the resort
A walk to the pub and have a drink or two
Have a go at the crossword and read the clue
Time passes so quick at the airport when waiting for you plane
Soon be on the jet flying out to sunny Spain
Drink finished, food consumed and crossword complete
Off to the departure gate, other passengers arrive from Crete
Looking out at the aircraft sitting there on the tarmac
Checking boarding pass and note your seat is at the back
Waiting in the queue with the other passengers eager to get going
Glad to be going to Spain and not someplace where its snowing
Show your pass and off down the ramp to board the plane
Take your seat and gaze out the window at the rain
Who cares I’m off to Spain!

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A day in the life of a traveller at the airport