At the Ballet

Life was great at the ballet.
Every beat, every step, they were connected.
They didn't lose eye contact and their bodies never stopped moving.
They knew what they wanted in life.
They knew what they wanted from each other.
They would start off the day together, at home, eating breakfast.
They would then head to the stage to practice.
They nailed every step,
had every costume prepared and ready,
and they couldn't wait for the performance.
On stage, they remembered why they fell in love.
They were never more unstoppable than they were when they performed.
They would listen to the crowd applaud them when they were done.
They could feel each others happiness.
Every bouquet,
every letter of congratulations,
every hug gave them more and more reasons to smile.
Then as the night came to an end, they would start to head home.
They would have to face all the problems that lied ahead.
They knew it wouldn't end well.
So instead of leaving they stayed at the ballet and danced.
Falling in love melody after melody, not wanting this night to end.

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