At the End of Quarantine Life


Wars and epidemics are with us from an early age.
Nobody knows how many people have died.
But we know how to turn around and revive from debris.
Though, some wounds will be there unhealed forever.
Grandma used to talk about the diseases
like cholera and plague as she narrated them as a witch,
who came down whirling from the sky in a white robe,
and the death swept away villages after villages.
How many artists have illustrated of all those epidemics!
War is raging in many parts of the world.
A friend of mine sent some pictures of the war-torn area,
where the kids forgot how to laugh.
When you try to make them smile,
They just cry, that’s all they can do.
As soon the war and the epidemic be eradicated,
let the human species rebuild their green earth!
Let the surviving people be human
towards the earth and nature and space.
After the end we will not find some loving faces anymore!
People of next age will cite this epidemic as an example.
As we speak about the plague of the biblical age,
or about the Spanish flu, Ebola or Bird flu.
Pointed out to our face-masked pictures they will say,
Look, our civilization was under a crucial attack one day!

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