At the end of the world

I stand at the end of the world,
Bewitched by the way the azure sky meets the horizon,
Sunlight spills out of the silvery rain clouds.
The clouds enthrall my thoughts,
They change shape every now and then.
A gigantic continent ? A lion? A beautiful
face? or something quite funny and
Their shape -shifting nature amuses me,
Much like how we humans change our own
nature for others, for the society.
The cold breeze slaps me out of this
thought, and rubs painfully across my skin,
but this pain pleasures me,
Just like how we humans crave the taste of spice.
The golden sunlight makes the viridescent
trees gleam,
The blustery wind makes the trees falter,
But they stand their ground.
Firm and indomitable, they stand.
Birds glide and soar through the sky,
Their carefree nature makes me envious.
Their mournful cries snaps me out of my
My shadow falls on the jagged , grey rocks,
Which are precariously placed.

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