At the Lake.

The sunrise shines through the blue lake and the broken clouds. As the cool air starts to fade away. The beautiful day starts. As the brown sand lays underneath me. I look straight ahead at the blue lake. And people all around me enjoy their beautiful day at the lake. But as I continue to look forward I spot an amazing white boat. And people swimming. Ducks and swans all around the lake.

A beautiful on a lake. As I look forward more and more people come and go as I just continue to look at the blue waves crashing in the sand. A tall man drives his boat out of the wavy water. As the sun starts to set the lake is looking empty and I am one of the only people at the lake. As the reflection of the sun is in the wavy water.

As the brown sand is starting to get cold. The beautiful day is just unwinding and the crisp night is just getting started. And the blue lake is looking black and the full moon is shining through the lake. The cool air blows through me. As it gets darker the lake becomes a total loss. And I start to head home for the night.

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