At This Place

Have you ever reminisced about a moment in your childhood
but couldn't remember where
Did you rack your brain to no avail and think some more still
and nothing except "There"
It's at this place you try and recall out loud as if that's the way
for you to remember
It's such a special place that only you and your daddy knew surely
nobody would find it ever
He named it just for you as you hung out and laughed and played one sunny day
For you it was one of the best moments that no money in the world could pay
When you stop thinking about it and have long since moved on then it comes
flooding back
Tears of happiness roll down your face for a longing you can never explain for words
they momentarily lack
Didi's place. That's right we named it after me given much effort and consideration
put forth by dad
And how we laughed at some of the names we thought up and overall the best
day ever we both had

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