At Your Birth

At your birth I gave you a map
Within this map your destination a lap
Impatient and tired conformity found
You decided on taking a lesser ground
Rewards come plenty with no peace of mind
Fruitless the crest when no hills are climbed
Extended hand greet your feet quickening
Protest! Protest! Protest how sickening
Dollar and dime "The American Dream"
Consume consumer, release some steam
Coniving and shameful witnessed false impressions
How precious the deed lacking right compassion
Intoxication made haste of words that were spoken
Apologies come late on a tongue spent provoking
Reciting the thought of a mind not your own
Through cognitive trickery your intellect has grown
A mate has been chosen to ease your desire
A family provided for peers to admire
Moments of clarity have you briefly unraveled
My journey so short, this path I have traveled
I wish I could have, I wish I should have
Maybe I could have
I'll stop you right here I sense your confusion
Was your happiness real or just an illusion

When your children were born I gave them a map

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