Atheist Vs. Religious

What matters most?
The father, son, or the holy ghost?
He died for us on the cross.
Everything was not forgotten & lost.
His life is what our sins cost.

Take a look in the good book.
Words to know, not to be a crook.
Earthquakes & plagues that spread & shook.
Knowledge to learn & commandment messages
that Moses saw & took.
I grieve of all the faith who leave.

No voice ....death without a choice.
No thoughts just a body to rot.
No one to bury one to care.

Eternal & immortal.
Through dimensions & portals.
Resurrection was a revelation.

Invisible & miserable.
Alone...just skin & bone.
A tabernacle home.
No mind with nothing to find.
Someone to borrow just until before tomorrow.
A temporary sorrow....but a permanent horror.
Unrestrained rage, insanity without a cage.
You will never forget me.
My name, face, or life.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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