My Dearest Athena-
From pure thought you burst into my world,
The day I saw you among the olive trees,
Your skin to match and your hair darker still.
Did I fall in love at the loom?
Your skill with string put the rest of us to shame,
As mine tangled while I watched you work.
Maybe it was at the war table,
You standing up and shouting who you were.
Only justice brings peace, you cried.
There is darkness in the world and we both knew it,
But I felt it brighten as you spoke.
Or when you took my hand and embraced me,
Tears streaming down my face because I felt alone,
But you told me, “you have me”
Maybe then is when I knew.
Then came our battle,
and what should have been all in fun
Turned when my own self doubt brought Aegis upon me.
Distracted by all my flaws,
I didn’t think to dodge your spear.
So now we both must leave,
In different ways.
As this life, this love fades, I wonder:
Do you still carry with you a part of me?
Signed, Pallas

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