Atlantic Beach

Sand between my toes, water washing my feet
A blue blanket decorated with white pillows
lay over my head
The wind brushing ever softly against my ebony body
The sun making my skin glisten
I feel like the divine that made me in her image
I feel at peace
I envision my ancestors looking down at me
being proud of moments like these, when I just breathe
Thankful for my existence in such a breathtaking world
Breathing a breath many did not get to breathe today
And realizing that one day I will take my last
These feet that softly kiss white ocean foam
will be at the end of an eternal bed
These fingers that grab hold of sand and collect
seashells will be swollen, gently placed on my chest
The warm truffle skin that glowed will be pale
and cold
And this heart that beats will have done
all of its work
This shell will be empty, left on earth's beach
and my whereabouts will be a mortal's mystery

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