Atomic Bomb

Tick tock goes the clock
Staring into space
Thoughts going through my mind
Every second of the day

Numbers and hours
The time goes down
Ten, nine, eight
Around and around

Permanently stuck in toxic sense
Ten times through
Thriving to escape
Only to be stuck and reshaped

Value is limited
While heart decays
Air bubbles rise as countdown starts
Nuclear weapon destructive

Intense wave of heat
Many of the feelings lay defeat
Abused soul bare for the world to see
Sharing your secrets and confidence

Tick tock time is running
Have just one more minute
Shoved to the side as another comes in
Life's too short to start again

Can't contain the sudden release of energy
Atoms come together
Leaving the chain reaction
As affections rupture
Making atomic weapon

Slam, rumble, bam, clack
Sound of my life as it breaks and cracks
Atomic bomb has replaced my thoughts
Tick tock goes my heart

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This Poems Story

this poem is about how people come into your life, and its great at first than they leave you in the dust. How do you cope with that?