Atrocious Annabelle

Atrocious Annabelle had a dark, dark secret
Inside her purse there's a tiny, pointy trinket
Quiet and sweet, small angelic feet
Nobody knows her dark, dark secret
Only at night, with nobody in sight
Sweet, innocent Anabelle from smile to grin
Shifting to evil, it comes from within
Again nobody knows her dark, dark secret
Twisted and deformed
Her body transforms
Her hair goes wild, sweet innocent child
Becoming a beast, waiting for tonight's feast
Wings come out, Horns have sprout
Long tail of steel, too scary to be real
Once more, nobody knows her dark, dark secret
Shrieks and screams, awake people from their dreams
Lights turn on, shouts to be heard
When everyone comes out, nothing but birds
Annabelle, sweet and innocent
Repeats the same event, every Halloween spent
And still nobody knows her dark, dark secret

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