August truth

Yesterday i left early,
August a little after two thirty...

I'll give everything to you  My life, my words
Fuck it all, I've given since birth,
Verse by verse
I've been Stuck on this shit so long It hurts

Everything i can do Its,
Really? its all about you
This fucked up capitalistic
Mother Fuckin sadistic
World has gotten me twisted

Round for round I go through the day
My thoughts run they have so much to say
Carrying my ego shattered
Walls pink with red
Thoughts splattered
Daydreaming while laying in bed

broke, not your wallet, it's my Brain
It Just keeps telling me we're insane
Not the word, like crazy
Its the feeling that couldn't be tamed

its time, wasted always tastes the same
Like shit, bull shit I'm telling you, pain
It burns inside at night wishin I could change
locked in a bedroom, caught in these chains
Please let me out, I beg and I shout!
I didn't mean it,
no mommy! that needle, it just fell me!
Please , I forfeit!

But I need need it ya see
Its all I have stuck in this house
Too close to myself
Like a Portate from my past
Empty and vast.

I know it's a mirror but I can hear it
Screaming at these walls, let loose
I'm a wreak, I really can't bear it.
tighter, and tighter they strangle
A noose on me, pulling higher I dangle.
Above the screams below the mangled,
Body I left behind, I thought I was mending.
In truth only my faith keeps ascending

Where am I going, is it God can I hear 'em.
Telling me I can see them.
Deals floating, dreams sinking.
This house Is full of myself, unholly
Complete, built of sin
Assembled; brick, mortar within.
Eternal lifelessness
Death with lack of dignity, Beger to end it
Put it in your mouth pull the trigger
Better yet;
Tip it back, drink it, down that liquor.
Let go, make it stop life's over

You know you want it;
you eat, sleep, an think it.
It tastes like me, but it burns like you
hot like thee.. cold like a fever
Chills they wake me
cut through me like a cleaver,
If only I could end me!

it's Hate me, love me  kill me, save me!
Repeat on repeat. breath, forever

I try simply to forget it
But It won't end. I swear
I have a never ending debit
If only I was me without the imposterity
I would live happyily seperate from this
Intro personality, shit it tears at me

Separated from thoughts
I would be much less unhappily
Alive without any despairity
But I'm not, it's not, will not, be clear to me
CAN I change will I change?

But why?
 can it really be fair to me
To expect such out of this...
 god we pray to see,
But I guess it's simply,
 just meant to be..
Or At least,
maybe just not for me

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