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Come close enough and see
Now I am completely immune to your nature;
To your poetry, to your savagery
For all that I have been
The likes of hobos you see in documentary films;

Weary, walked I a furlong in despair
Covered another one in grace
But never ran out, my ernest will
With all the youthful intentions sowed

Little weird, little strange
Like the clear rainbow after a treacherous rain
O how I wonder, if we share an affinity for solitude
To throw our little monologues to each other
In the dead still of the night

As the moon shines with grace while the sun sleeps
That bondage of mutual respect
All well balanced within a cosmic breath
A muse, under a divine roof

The twists and turns of life is a constant companion
Yet my rambunctious behavior of boundless magnitude
Aah! It plays a fine role

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