Being a kid can be tough,
especially when one is slow.
When one is on the autistic spectrum,
his true feelings can be hard to show.

Kids can be cruel when one is different,
autism can be hard to understand,
but life can be hard for just a young child...
when nobody offers a helping hand.

You can tend to tend to lose your way at times,
when there is something wrong in your mind.
It can cause you to feel insignificant and neglected,
and your true purpose can be hard to find.

But as time goes on, and the more you grow...
you start to open to those who share: "Hello."
Autism is a challenge that some cannot beat...
but with a little luck -- you can defeat.

So just be yourself, and let people glance...
they will learn to accept and give you a chance.
Autism isn't bad, it's just a game...
it's fun to be different -- don't be ashamed!

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