Things can happen in one glance
The Universe is on automatic
For you, a flower child
Where is your fire?
I want to tell a story
About the ground
Fertilizing the places around you to start again
Things can happen in one glance
A beautiful butterfly can be seen with one look
But back to the story
About a little flower
In the ground
Which was too afraid to start blooming
The little flower questioned everything
Other flowers grew all around
The little flower didn’t see worthiness
What a sad story
The little flower withered away in darkness
Longing to get one glance
Towards a beautiful butterfly or something
The little flower never saw a damn thing
A tale of sorrow
With not enough room
For a happy ending
If only the little flower had took one jump
Away from the ground
Into the welcoming Universe
Just waiting for the little flower to come around
Then this poem could’ve been happier
So please take that one jump
Now that you know the Universe is only waiting
For you, a flower child

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