I hate myself for falling for you
I break so many hearts with so little ease
I could pray, I could plea for you not to forget me
But why waste my prayers on something that will never be?

A one night stand
That is all you will ever see
Forgetting me
You will do with just as little ease
As many hearts bleed
That used to chase after me

I make them believe I’m everything they could ever want
Ever need
I am who I am
They love me for me
I’m sad they cannot see
The truth that hides behind the lies
Who will look inside these dove eyes
And discover what really lies

Will they see a heart made of glass?
Broken and missing pieces
Given away to whomever will ask
You took a piece when I left
I wish you would cherish it
Or just give it back

But giving it back you cannot do
For there is no glue
To restore this heart
Make it appear brand new

Too many pieces I have given away
To too many lovers
Will I forget you someday?
I hope, I pray
Yet I don’t long for that day

Could you fall in love with me?
Please give me clarity
Or erase my memory of you and me
And who we could be

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