Autumn in a Dream

Several months, tasted her soft lips.
Her life was on a chapter I have not reached,
The ink of romance parted my mind like the red sea,
I was in love with this Indian Princess
She fell in my life like an autumn rose,
From an apple tree, with a trunk made of gold.

Tiptoeing with the angels on the chapel roof,
I played the Grand Piano,
A beautiful song haunts my ears,
“Wedding in a Dream.”
I’ve craved her love like a lone werewolf
Her intoxicating smile biting into Eve’s apple,
Paradise on my tongue.

Time was erased from my primitive thinking
I was on Cloud Nine walking down the aisle.
The harp, piano, and violins were harmonizing
As the wind and oceans do.
The guest sat in chairs enclosed in wild vines
September leaves from Mother Nature kissed the ground.

Perfect fitting champagne and orange wedding dress
It fit her body like an Angel’s Glove,
She illuminated with love, glowing like a golden leaf.

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