Autumn's Bridge

Dry fir needles like brown salt,
Sprinkled from the mature sky.
Patches of orange, yellow and gold,
Summer is whispering,"goodbye".
Blackberry pie, it sweetens the tears from my eyes.
It's Gods' sky.
But why is autumn the time to say goodbye?
The things we may never know
Don't matter much when our loved ones are by our side.
God presented that companion,
To act as our guide.
Love doesn't need a road map,
Just two, willing to abide.
The autumnal equinox,
So quiet, so sly.
I'm hoping there is time for one more pie.
Cause the season's first rain,
Is falling from my eyes.
Autumn's bridge, taken to a world where love can reside.
No earthly cloud, let to detour one now.
For surely, on the other side
To be found, our eternal guide.
It's God's sky.
Listen to the hawks' cry.
It's God's sky.

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This Poems Story

"Autumn's Bridge" was written after my wife and I experienced the loss of to delightful ladies, one human and one canine. They both succumbed to terminal illnesses. On a stunning, late summer day, I had a sense they were ascending together to a more peaceful existence than they had recently endured. Being outside in nature is what inspires my better thoughts. Sky, water, plant life and creatures are my inspiration. Peace to all at trail's end!