Autumn's Song

I hear autumn singing; its sound is crisp and clear.
I watch the leaves dance through the clear, vivid air.
I hear them crunch under my feet as I walk through the grass,
The cold wet grass that sends a chill through my feet.

I feel the cold taking over as the heat passes.
I see sweaters coming out as shorts are being tucked away,
I feel the warmth of the house, its comfort and peace,
And the smells that swirl past the nose at this time of year.

I feel the heart growing warmer as the days grow colder.
I see the season of change bringing a new start.
I see the students pioneering into the school year.
I see the house empty during the day,
But fill up with warmth and goodness when families return.

Autumn brings songs of the future into life,
The future of growing older or the future of the holidays.
The whimsical whistle through the crisp autumn air,
Or the somber sound of the hum of a stressed student.

As each leaf has a song, each person has one to sing,
It can be as quiet as the crackling of the fire,
Or as large as cracking of a large cotton tree branch.
Each is different and has a story,
But each one is a beautiful song.

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