Avis McFarland

It was back in the summer of 1862.
I told pretty Jeanie, I'd always be true.
But I had to fight for the red, white, and blue.
I wanted pretty Jeanie, but you said, I'd never do.
Avis McFarland you are a selfish man.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
I loved your daughter Jeanie, but you kept us apart.
You might have broke my spirit but, you broke your daughters heart.
verse: 2
Time marches on and I finally came home.
Never more would I ever want to roam.
I went to find my Jeanie, but she wasn't there.
My friends said she died from the pain she couldn't bear.
(repeat Chorus)
Verse: 3
It was back in the summer of 1892.
The devil he came, and finally planted you.
For over thirty years I've been so alone.
Regrets and memories, I've never shown.
(repeat Chorus)
Verse: 4
It won't be long until my journey is through.
Oh my darling Jeanie, I'll soon be with you.
Life has been unfair this time around.
But will be together, when I'm deep in the ground,
(repeat Chorus)

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Love & Life aren't always fair.