Avoid Average “Normal”

They say I'm aggressive in my responses, I call it open and honest. They say they sense a tone in my phonics, that there's something wrong with my attitude in conference.You should feel how I feel when you're making your little comments! So no I won't promise to stay calm kids! All this nonsense from mildly conscious gossips. Who's talk is on shallow topics where all logics demolished. Accomplish nothing for a needy populace, strictly unprosperous, like our very own government offices..they need to know Who's the scrawniest, who's the strongest. Who's the Hottest who's looks are modest, who's a novice who's the smartest, who's the smallest who's the tallest, who can climb the farthest, who can run the longest. who's got the biggest problems and who's fault it is. no one ever stops or pauses everyone is just so thoughtless. wondering how God is but don't question their own conscience. I notice dead eyes, people not processing thoughts... Misdirection as to keep blocking it off. Not understanding what it's truly costing to stop. Some say to each his own, I call it criminal neglect. They may as well put their initials on the death of all parents and children repressed. We're all getting exploited and break a minimal sweat to single out the threat of money powers with a very negative, and visible intent. Just staying in your simple heads and scribble at a desk for those fiscal cheques and such little respect. Wake up to see the abysmal effect of this cyclical stress from the literal mess lost on trivial quests, playing a game of sicko says, given fictional texts and no admissible defence if we did go against the principal heads, with no physical address and their typical friends in their unvisual trench ruling each very real inequitable bench with no ethical sense, to no sensible ends, just their decimal lengths!

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