The strands of grey shining on my forehead
Waiting to blush at the touch of my brush
A withered smile wearily searching its dimple
Lost somewhere in the journey of life!
in oblivion, I walk, across stretches of roses
Insanely blowing their fragrance at me
Poking my heels and coloring my steps
Propping their proud heads on the curves of my ankles.
Pausing its blabber at the touch of my feet
The laughing stream gently searched my eyes
To collect in its stride their dripping wine, bruised, pungent;
The cascade of my life once carefully stored and corked.
Now as I stand gaping at the edge of life
A form sneering, mirroring an image, so known but elusive
Memories of a starry night when I wore Aphrodite in my gown
Then the few days when I embossed Hera on my sleeve
And the times I spent coloring my little rainbows
Lacing them with sunlight and weaving little wings
Watching them drift along the clouds and higher
Enduring and smiling, laughing and crying.
My feet now trips, stumbling on the mirror, shattering the image,
Deep as I fall, I hear a voice, croaked and parched
The blinding darkness enveloping my soul
Soon the voice, gentle, soft and SWeet
A million lanterns shining, radiant with joy.
and I awake to my voice and to the me I estranged!

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