Awake at Night

I often lay awake at night,
wondering why the world is not quite right?
Why people only see differences,
when I thought living was all about preferences.
Maybe we are not living, maybe we are all dead.
Why do we let other people get into our head?
I know that voice that says I am not enough,
Is not my voice I do not sound that tough.
There is something off and strange about our world.
Something twisted. Something swirled.
We have blurred the lines between black and white.
I am telling you it is not quite right.
We both live here on this planet called Earth.
Let us be on the same team, we share the same turf.
Instead of tearing each other down
why do not we build up, who knows what is to be found?
I know it is scary to go into the unknown.
But I will hold your hand, you will not be alone.
So your first step in this mission,
Is to put yourself in someone elses position.
If you do not like it, then neither do they.
Let us stop the nonsense, let us stop the charade.
Lets be kind to each other no matter what the cost,
Maybe we can find something that we lost.
Maybe I could get some sleep at night,
If people realize something is not quite right.

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