Awake ,awake, open your eyes
You have slept away the years
Awake ,awake, it’s time to face the day
You have been gone a long time
Slept the sadness away, slept away the pain
It’s been so long now
The past is far away
It’s time to feel sun dance across your face
It’s time to feel
Open windows and doors, let the outside air in
Let the old thoughts lie, let new life begin
Arise, arise, it’s time to take flight
It’s time to sail the skies
Take hold of the wind
Arise, arise, wipe the slumber from sleepy eyes
As dreams still dance and circle in your head
Shake off the other world
Time for what’s real instead
Forget why you left forget why you slept
I’ve come through thick and thin to wake you again
Save you from the dust, from decay ,from fading away
Take my hand and I will take your lips
in mine
Because what’s life without love
Whats the earth without heaven above

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